Management Team

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Patrick Tai

Patrick Tai is a 40+ year veteran of the floral and seasonal décor industry who pioneered many of the techniques involved in creating state-of-the-art natural botanical reproduction. He founded Winward in 1978, and continues to be the company's guiding principal and "philosopher-in-chief" in his role as CEO. From its original line of botanically-correct permanent roses in 1978, Winward has continually been on the cutting edge of its industry in terms of realism, quality and design. This tradition is still on-going, and Patrick's love for flowers, both real and permanent, continues as well. Winward's high quality, creativity and innovative designs dominate not only the North American permanent floral market (which includes Winward Canada), but the European and Asian markets as well. Patrick’s motto "Nothing is impossible" remains the company's guiding principal, and his energy and passion for excellence are respected not only by the people who work with him in the Winward family, but by everyone in the floral industry. 

Garrison Tai

Garrison Tai joined Winward in 1985. He has collaborated with his brother for over 30 years in the creative process of product development and the operations of the company. Through the company’s 40+ year history Garrison and Patrick have worked together to bring to the industry the highest quality of permanent florals ever created. Garrison’s contribution to this process has always complimented his brother’s creativity, and together they are truly two of the most successful innovators in the industry.
Garrison’s excellent eye for color and design has been very important in moving the company forward. He continues to play a vital role in getting Winward’s product mix focused on telling “stories” in collections of products that coordinate and are designed to be sold together. The way Winward’s “story” is presented in our showrooms, catalogs and web site is also part of Garrison’s area of expertise.

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Ben Tai
General Manager

Raymond Chiu
Vice President Corporate Sales

Betty Yue

Cindy Fletcher
Credit Manager

Renee Cozzette
Operations Manager

Mark Hedberg
Art & Marketing Manager

Silvia Rodriguez
Customer Service Manager

Laura Ziebell
Dallas Showroom Manager

Jackie Harrelson
Atlanta Showroom Manager

Meet Our Designers

Terry Backer

J. Keith White

Jim Marvin

Alan Do

Amber Marvin