The Jim Marvin Collection

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Jim Marvin is the creator of thematic Christmas trends and is considered the leader in design and color directions for the last 45 years. Creation of the Jim Marvin Collection entails extensive travel to Europe, Asia, India and Japan which we are so excited to bring to the market. Jim has created wide-ranging ornament collections for many fine companies worldwide, including Jacqueline Kennedy "White House Years" through a licensee agreement with the Kennedy Library in Boston, as well as a collection for Andy Warhol. Jim was also invited to design product for the White House during 1997-2017 Christmas seasons as well as designing floral decorations for state dinners, special parties, the Millennium celebrations and Queen Elizabeth's visit. He was also invited back to the White House to work with decorations connected to the inaugural transition on January 20, 2001.


Patrick Tai CEO of Winward International, Inc. and Jim Marvin President and CEO of Jim Marvin Enterprises Ltd., Inc. jointly announce in 2016 a collaboration and marketing plan for incorporating the Jim Marvin Collection in Winward’s extensive collection of botanical and home accessory lines.

The Jim Marvin Collection consists of a comprehensive line of Christmas ornaments, table top and holiday specialty line, which will be exclusively distributed by Winward International.

Jim Marvin Collection is a trademark line which has been shown throughout the country in major markets and international markets since 1980.

It is anticipated that the new collection will reflect the color direction that the line is famous for.  Mr. Marvin will be retained to spend more creative time in developing new lines of product and to continue research and design to offer an extensive specialty line through the Winward marketing channels in San Francisco, Atlanta and Dallas. Jim Marvin, Phil Marvin and Allison Marvin Furr, Vice Presidents of JME, will play a role in the developments to solidify the design and display of the collection.

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