Jane Seymour

    Well-known as an actress on stage, screen and television, and recently appearing on the Emmy-nominated program “Dancing with the Stars”, she is also a very talented painter and designer.

    Jane teamed with Kay Jewelers in early 2008 to design a special jewelry collection called "Open Hearts by Jane Seymour".  Inspired by one of Seymour’s original paintings of two hearts connected and open at either end, the exclusive designs symbolize that love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally.  The open heart design reminds us that if we keep our hearts open, love will always find its way in.  It is the universal symbol for giving and receiving love.

    After the unprecedented success with Kay Jewelers, Jane teamed up with Winward to translate her open heart design into a wonderful holiday ornament collection, now available in our showrooms and through our sales team.

    In addition to the open heart theme, Winward and Jane worked together on an extensive collection of floral and seasonal décor.

    To place orders for the Jane Seymour-licensed line from Winward, visit one of our showrooms, contact your Winward sales rep, or call us at 800-888-8898.


Available Only from Winward

Jane and Matt Wood, our Creative Director, worked closely together on the designs and development.

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